DUO: The Start (Roadmap)

With the recent growth we have experienced in our community, it’s become more important to spend the time documenting the journey of DUO as it approaches the starting line, our mint, this Saturday Oct 23rd, 2021 at 1600 UTC. My hope for documenting this roadmap is to share as much as I can about a pile of puzzle pieces and the collection of them that I see forming. It’s the moment where everything is new, there is a chaos in the pile of pieces, yet a beautiful picture forming from the sum of the parts.

Where it started:

Without going back too far, DUO started to form during my morning conversations with Ian & the staff of my most frequently visited café in Wichita, KS — Placeholder Coffee. I mention this because these conversations pulled me back from the depths of whitepapers, game theory, tokenomics, yield farming, stake pools — all the way back to the every day conversation.

If I am honest these were the foundation for connecting my passion around a decentralized world, web3, and crypto to an every-day experience. Every cup & conversation led to the discovery of a core pillar to everything we are building as a team now at DUO. Simple moments create generational impacts.

Some recent reflections:

DUO is a growing community with a *very simple* version of our core Social NFT Game being played every day by hundreds of players around the world.

We have an amazing team that has rallied their unique skills from around the world to jump into the chaos and create a community. #AbsoluteLegends

A month ago, none of this existed.

This week alone we grew 400%+ and maintain active gameplay from ~18%+ of our players day to day.

Strangers are earning crypto to make jokes. (And there are some knee smackers! 🤣)

We are launching our NFT cards, our game pieces, in just three days to anyone who wants to be part of our Chapter One. Each of these cards will be forever connected to this group of players through the history of the blockchain. It’s a big moment for me personally, because I hope my children, grandchildren, and great-great… grandchildren will always be able to look back to the eye-rolling, dad jokes that end up on a pair of DUO cards even before the metaverse was real. (Kids, every one of these dad jokes is for you, #sorrynotsorry.)

The journey so far has highlighted that through simple moments, each of us can choose to find common connection & community.

Alright, now the part you came for..

Current Roadmap (mostly.)

As a technical founder I would remiss if I didn’t urge every non-product-engineer-builder to read this with these expectations:

▪️ This is what we know now, we will be wrong about some things, it will change however decisions are led by our vision of accelerating the adoption of crypto globally.
▪️ Items closer to today are planned in more detail, we wait to fill in the gaps so we are a little wiser and our future selves can make the new features better.
▪️ Testing and confirming our assumptions, even with
*simple* game mechanics is critical to creating a Social NFT Game, community input is part of the equation. (This is why we started preAlpha gameplay even before minting our NFT’s)
▪️ Transparency is vital and something I hold dearly. We will be as transparent as possible
without creating noise that causes confusion. (Sometimes you might only see the tip of the iceberg, especially regarding ongoing development)

October 2021

We begin minting our Genesis Deck on October 23rd 2021. This process will hopefully run as smoothly as possible to distribute the cards across as many players as possible, while rewarding those bold visionaries joining us today.

Rest of Q4 2021

Create a more scalable preAlpha gameplay. We have already learned a lot in 14 days of gameplay. The next step is to engage more people and test a few game mechanics that are important to Social NFT Gaming specifically.

Build a team, plan for 2022. This will be a community culture setting time, it’s a holiday season, and the calm before the storm. It’s a great time to get to know others and give us good feedback on preAlpha!

Expect to see growing community engagement. *You won’t see much development as we will be focused on our core systems & game theory research, which we will share as concisely as possible — not everyone likes math…😉*

Q1 & Q2 - 2022

Core infrastructure development will really start to take shape here. To support our longer term vision for NFT gaming, there will be some core tools or partnerships we need to forge around:

- Dedicated NFT Gaming wallet
- NFT Gaming Marketplace
- Expanded smart contracts for NFT Gaming
- Discord integrations

Q2 & Q3 - 2022

As we approach a deeper understanding of how our game mechanics are being used in preAlpha and the underlying research on NFTs+tokenomics takes shape, we will move into a private Alpha (Exclusive access to Alpha via Genesis Deck NFT (any card) ownership) and begin to test native gameplay tokens to create the scalable mechanics for a Social NFT Game

- Web based gameplay
- User generated NFTs for onboarding new users (Unlocks)
- Native gameplay tokens & finalizing Season 1 ruleset & meta through Alpha gameplay feedback.

Q3 & Q4 - 2022

We plan to release the full Season 1 Gameplay as well as final partnership announcements at this time, with our own utility tokeneconomics, game portal, wallet, with a dedicated marketplace.

- Community event (DUOcon?)to celebrate the public launch of DUO!
- Extras: Dev tools for other Game makers (Catalyst Fund proposals)

— — — — — — — — AND BEYOND! — — — — — — — — —

There will be so much more coming in detail as we grow the community, I appreciate you taking the time to read, share, and help with accelerating the adoption of crypto!

Every person that you know that; signs up for their first wallet, gets their first crypto currency, plays an NFT game - brings us all closer to a decentralized world. 🙌




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Duo - The NFT Card Game

Duo - The NFT Card Game


Duo is the an NFT game built on Cardano where you match funny prompts & punchlines to earn crypto & NFTs!